Our Mission

Our mission is to plan, build, and create content with a customer focused experience and budget friendly solution for all multimedia production needs.



Pricing range $35 - $50


Pricing average $100 - $1000


Pricing average $45 - $450


Convert those old tapes into digital files.


Develop your content with a little help from your friends.


Let us do the work and hand over the keys.

Hire the multimedia service needed

In this short video, CitieMedia received client-produced content and created a company-wide promotional video targeted on a attending client's event.

From conception to finished product, this white-glove service, project was captured and production was completed in a single working day.

In this video the team scouted, set-up camera positions, and ran through tests, on-location. View this production video to observe our customer service and video production workflow.

Tasked to create a platform for employee recognition. The outcome of this production resulted in concise product marketing videos and friendly competition.

Combine different media types to your project

Turn Vinyl into Digital

Turn Tapes into Digital

Turn VHS into Digital

Create content on time and within budget

Plan and Evaluate

Filming Services

Editing Services

One consultation away for your multimedia needs

The science behind storytelling. Preview why creating content is vital to any business.

Check out what a fine-tuned low budget production can achieve with this tribute music video dedicated to Sia.

Have you ever wondered how to start a podcast? Well, find out how and have CitieMedia edit and produce your content.

Simple techniques will improve your content and to prove it watch a comparison between these simple editing nuances.


At CitieMedia every frame and every nuance has a purpose, and I am excited by designing for impact. I possess a Dual Bachelors Degree of Fine Arts in Media Productions with specializations in Audio Recording and Sound Design and Digital Film and Post Production. From the first class I took, I discovered that I had a passion for the field. In my 10-year corporate career, I have collaborated with everyone from individual contributors up to C-Suite executives, fielding concerns and turning them into positive results. I would be pleased to bring my passion to your project.